Listening for patterns in the sound
of an endless static sea.


yeah mom im ok i just dont want to be alive haha

"Your lack of confidence is not a right to verbally abuse I should’ve said this to your face but what’s the use?
It’s the awful ones like you that keep the better people sane so we could all be better off if you’re the same.”
— Discretion & Depressing People - Into It. Over It. (via kelsikels)
"Everything you said misled my upright but hopeful heart.”
— Into it. Over it. - Midnight: Carroll Street (via welcometomyserenity)
"I’d like to think that we could speak sometimes
but what in the world would we have in common
You’re barley breaking
and I’m mostly broken”
— Into It. Over It. (via sleepinginaditch)
"Life gets in the way of living
And interrupts the could of, would of, should of
That I ask myself each day
Where I’ve spent my time
And how I’m spending it
Or if I’m simply wasting it away”
— Pinky Swear - Into It. Over It. | full lyrics (via grey-hoodie-music)